Jan 222010
Apply for a Grant

A grant is money given by one party to another, usually a nonprofit entity, educational institution or business and usually for a specific project. There are many organizations competing for grants, so the first step in receiving a grant (after finding it and making sure you qualify) is filling out some sort of application. Since [...]

Jan 212010
Have a Chocolate Tasting Party

Want to throw a party to entertain the taste buds, but aren’t really into wine, or have been there, done that? How about a party that revolves around gourmet chocolate? Loading content …. Steps Schedule the tasting for mid-afternoon or mid-evening. You want it to be after people have eaten and feel satisfied, but before [...]

Jan 132010
Make Delicious Stuffed Mushrooms

This recipe is great alone or as a great side dish with a meal. It is simple and easy to prepare, and will complement anyone’s busy life style. It is also a great dish to serve at a party or for just having friends over. Loading content …. Ingredients (2-3) (8oz) Size Containers of Whole [...]

Jan 112010
Make Pecan Pralines

A praline is a confection made from nuts and sugar. One variation that’s popular in the United States is made of pecans (which grow in the warmer, southern regions where pralines are a common treat) held together by a mixture of butter, cream and sugar (or similar ingredients). No matter where you’re from, however, pecan [...]

Jan 112010
Avoid Harming Your Puppy

Your everyday life and habits can be a danger to your puppy. Dogs seem to be able to get into anything… And that’s not all! They wet the house, they chew on things, they bark etc., so what does a person do?! Here are just a few tips that can help life go smoothly with [...]

Jan 022010
Arrange a Paper Filing System

There are several methods for filing papers. Choosing the one that suits you will depend on your needs and the way that you like to find things. Loading content …. Steps Consider the benefits of an alphabetical filing system. An alphabetical filing system works well when you need to retrieve names of people, customers, authors, [...]